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href="http://bursaspornews.com/user/9727"><span class="story_section_zero_author"> Aaravdixit1980 </span></a> <span>   October 23, 2017</span> <span>   | 29204 Views</span> <div class="scoring"><div style="width:0%"></div></div> </div> <!-- story_section_zero_left_bottom --> </div> <!-- story_section_zero_left --> </div> <!-- story_section_zero --> <div class="story_section_two"> <div class="story_section_two_text"> <b><i>my best friend gets married to an impotent guy &amp; comes to me for a baby thinking I am her safest option. Well check out the story to know if she is right</i></b> <a href="http://bursaspornews.com/signup" rel="nofollow"> <img class="store_banner" src="https://juicysexstories.com/static/images/banners/banner2.jpg" alt="banner2"></a> Hello friends, My name is Aarav Dixit and I am a resident of Mumbai city, aged 25 and this is a very recent true incident that has probably, made me lose the best friend any person could ever have and possibly, made me loose her forever. Noopur &amp; I have been friends for 9 years and our friendship was truly deep &amp; pure. We never eyed each other in a lusty way and kept the line between friendship &amp; sex, clear and distinct. However, Noopur is a very appealing girl to notice with long straight hair reaching her waistline, a healthy figure at 34D-30-34, wheat-ish complexion, fresh and innocent next door girl look and standing at a height of 5ft 6 inches. Just as all close friends discuss matters of sex, we used to do it too. Being a carefree girl, she used to wear t-shirts without inners in early days of our friendship when her bust was less mature than now. As her boobs started to grow, her t-shirts used to clearly bring out their shape and I used to get uncomfortable seeing that so I imposed the habit of wearing inners on her. Before she got married in 2014 we used to often discuss matters like sex positions and fantasies and as it turned out, both of us had similar, less aggressive fantasies, the most common being that both of us wanted to have sex with more than one person. She was a virgin till marriage but I had already had sex with two women by then which she often discussed with me and said in a jovial manner “if we would not have been friends I would have approached you for a relationship and maybe then we could have had sex”. She got married to Madhur in 2014, a day that we had immense fun teasing each other in every possible way after which she shifted to Singapore with him and we lost a constant touch. She returned to Mumbai in March 2016 to meet her family and friends when she called me one random night and asked me to meet her for coffee. As we were chatting over coffee I casually asked her as to how was her first sexual experience with Madhur?. She was happy with him sexually as it turned out he was good in bed but she kept the details hidden and changed the topic which was unusual for her. So I asked her as to what was the matter to which she replied that Madhur is not capable of impregnating her and this is disturbing her. She hasn’t told anything to him and they have been trying since the last 3-4 months for a pregnancy but have not been able to do anything.I suggested adoption and surrogacy methods to her, to which she said that she wanted to bear her own child, so I suggested artificial insemination, but she had a different plan. She was against artificial insemination because she feared safety and said on a jovial note, “what if the sperm is of an ugly guy, I don’t want my children to be ugly” and she laughed off. “What do you intend to do then?” I asked. “I have a plan,” She said just before sipping her coffee not making eye contact with me. “Tell me about it” I intimidated. She kept her cup aside and asked me if I could take her for a drive to some place quiet. Intrigued by what she was up to, I agreed and we headed towards Carter Road. While we were sitting by the sea at one of the benches on carter’s, she kept looking at the sea thinking something as I was looking at her. “Have we come here to admire the sea?” I asked to lighten the atmosphere. She looked at me &amp; smiled and with a continuing gaze into my eyes she started laughing. I found it to be odd so I questioned her, “What? why are you laughing?”. She shook her head and said, “Nothing”, shaking her legs in a playful manner she broke the ice on the matter, “I am planning to ask a friend for a baby” &amp; she looked at me with a smile on her face. I was shocked by what she said but I appeared to be composed and asked, “And?” to which she responded, “And…that friend is you”. I continued to maintain my eye contact with her while bringing up a meek smile on my face, “do you think you can hide it from Madhur forever and bear the guilt?” I asked. She lost her smile but gave an explanation that did justify (my lust) logic, “Yes, I can bear the guilt because he would be happy to see his own child and I would be happy to see him, Besides, I trust that you would keep it a secret for life, the only thing that is going to turn negative is our friendship because we may have to part ways as friends”. At this time several thoughts ran my mind but I’ll have to admit that the thought of being in bed with my hot best friend did dominate my thoughts and I accepted her offer with a stupid response of “hmmm..ok”. We moved to my house which at the time was empty as my family was out. She quietly moved to my bedroom without wasting time and sat on the bed as I settled in and brought her a glass of water. As she sipped on the water I sat next to her looking at her from head to toe. Her hair were tied in a bun today with a black clip keeping the bun tight, slight sweat glister on her forehead (the sweat was probably because of anxiety), light jewellery on her ear and an empty but beautiful neck, opening way to the neckline of her black sleeveless dress which managed to hide the size of her boobs, while coming close to her waist and ending just above her knee to reveal the most perfect set of legs I may have ever seen on a female body with properly toned feet and a nude nail polish. By this time she was done sipping on water and we sat with a serious expression on our face looking at the floor in complete silence. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked, to which she responded in a lost tone, “Hmm” while biting her lower lip. Me – “Ok, so how do we begin?” Her – “I don’t know, what do you think?” Me – “You tell me, the way you are comfortable” Her – “I am quite uncomfortable to think of a start” At this moment I thought of taking charge of the situation to end the discomfort that we were both experiencing. Me, after coughing a little – “Shall we get naked first?” Her – “Yeah! sure” &amp; she got up and removed her hair clip and off came her silky black her dangling on her waistline as she faced her back to me and placed the clip on the table in front of her. As she struggled with unzipping her dress at the back, I stood up and without a word unzipped her dress to reveal her black bra strap, being an eye soar on her otherwise beautiful back. As I was lost in her mesmerizing beauty, she stood still thinking deeply. Her – “Aarav, I don’t feel too comfortable stripping before you” Me – “How about you move to the washroom and undress yourself while I do it here and then you could call me when you are ready” Her – “Yes, that sounds better” As she moved inside the washroom, I unbuttoned my shirt and dropped my pants, as a customary like in everyday life. I wasn’t erect yet, probably because I was too stressed and I just waited in the room naked drinking water from a bottle to calm down the stressful burn inside me. Her – “Um! Aarav, I think you can come in” I did not expect it so early and fumbled dropping some of the water on my lower body before replying a hurried, “Yes, just a sec.” As I entered the washroom, I could see her black dress, black bra and black panties lying on the floor with the shower curtain drawn. I took a deep breath and opened the shower curtain just enough to allow me to climb into the tub. As I stepped in I saw her standing, facing away from me at the other end of the tub, just under the shower. Her naked body looked fantastic with her hair covering her back and her perfectly shaped buttocks taking away all of my attention. I moved close to her and lightly put my right hand around her waist rubbing her belly and simultaneously pulling her closer to me to pin her nude body to mine and whispered in her ear, “You look outstanding Noopur”. She had her eyes closed and muttered, “Tha-nks” as she turned on the shower and cold water fell on our hot bodies making both of us shiver and breathe deeper. Seeing her breathe heavy with her bust moving with each breath and the warmth of our bodies against each other made me lose control and I planted a sensual &amp; deep kiss on her neck over her right shoulder to which she responded with faster and deeper breathing. I turned her around and lifted her chin to make our eyes meet as I kissed her lips waiting for a response from her. The feeling of her soft boobs pressed against my chest made my sensations tingle and I started feeling my cock getting erect. She still didn’t respond and so I put my right hand under her hair and ran my nail lightly across her spine while continuing to kiss her to which her body shivered a little again and she responded to my kiss. Now that we were both charged with the feeling, I became slightly aggressive with my kiss while continuing to stimulate her senses by rubbing my nail on her back and I started to press her ass cheek with my left hand slow and deep. I broke the kiss and maintained eye contact with her as I moved down to her right boob and wiggled on her nipple with the tip of my tongue before kissing her areolas and the area around it. She let out a moan for the first time in the act “ah-hhhhhh” &amp; both her hands grabbed my hair as I continued to lick and kiss on her boob not touching her nipples. I brought my right palm under her buttocks on her thighs and started to caress them while I moved to take a nipple of hers in my mouth between my wet tongue and lips to play with it. She pulled my head closer to her and let out a deep warm breath from her mouth that brushed my hair. I gave a light naughty bite while sucking on her nipple which she may not have expected and she jumped at it saying, “Ohh! shit!”. Simultaneously I moved my right hand to her pussy which was slightly hairy and started lightly rubbing on her pussy lips with three of my fingers. I knelt down, spread her pussy lips and paused, held my breath and suddenly gave her a deep lick on her clit releasing all my breath at once on her pussy which made her jump with a “Ohhh! shit! AAhhhravv” and I could feel goose-bumps on her body under her buttocks. Her pussy was pretty wet and it tasted sweetish to me which made me go wilder on her and I pressed her clit between my lips and pulled a little then released it and breathed out on it and then started to suck on it. Her hands caught the wall behind her as I felt her body fall against the wall. She pressed my head tight against her pussy with her right hand while her left hand was still on the wall, as I ensured my tongue stayed out of her love hole and kept stimulating her pussy.”Hhhh! Aarav, can we (gulp), lets finish this please” she said with her eyes closed and head writhing from left to right. I stood up and touched the tip of my erect cock (5-6 inches long, 2-3 inches thick, haven’t measured) on her pussy lips and rubbed it light yet deeply pressed against the length of her clit as I brought my left hand under her neck and jerked her head forward to make her open her eyes and look at me. With our eyes looking at each other, breathing at peak and the shower igniting passion in us I entered just the tip of my cock in her pussy &amp; removed it out again to which she closed her eyes and pulled her head back. I held her right hand in my left palm and placed it on my cock and started to rub it across its length for a few times after which she took charge of it &amp; started stroking my cock, opening her eyes again and looking at me as she brought both her hands forward &amp; stroked my cock hard. She then placed my cock at her pussy entrance and guided it in as I applied pressure with my pelvis pushing, as her slightly tight pussy gulped my cock inch by inch. We continued looking at each other with our breathing at peak. As all of my cock went inside her and my balls touched her, she threw her head back with partially closed eyes and let out a moan “Aahhhhhh!”. I pulled out halfway and pushed it back in at a slow pace to which she responded “mmmhhh”. I rotated my waist as I continued to pull out and push back in at a steadily increasing pace. I rested my body on hers and held the wall behind her with both my hands as I started to pump my cock into her, hard and deep, ensuring that the trimmed hair on my pelvis brushed against her clit. She hugged me digging her nails on my back and started moaning surprisingly loudly, “OO! Yes! hhhh! yes!, shit!, Ahhhh! no!”. I continued increasing the pace till I was ramming my cock into her and I could feel her boobs bouncing against my chest. Having pumped her for about 5 minutes I was beginning to lose breath and control but I wanted this to last longer so I slowed down and pulled out of her &amp; looked into her eyes, both of us panting for breath. She broke the eye contact and knelt down stroking my cock with her left hand and then took the tip into her mouth and pressed her upper lip on it with her eyes closed which made me lose my senses and moan like a baby, “Oohhh!” she kept her lips pressed as she gradually released my cock and then took it again in her mouth and took it deeper this time with her tongue wiggling the tip of my cock, “Ohh! my! Noopur!”. I held her hair as she went deeper this time and the tip of my cock touched her throat, “Uhhhhh! Noopur! stop! I’ll release in your mouth, pleaseeehhh stop”. She didn’t listen to me and rubbed her tongue at the base of my cock as it continued to touch her throat and I lost all control and released my cum in her mouth “OOh! no! Ohhhhhh!”. She held my cock tight between her teeth as it pulsed in her mouth shooting cum into her for almost 20 seconds. As I was done, she ran her mouth across the length of my cock and removed it from her mouth and sucked off the last drop from its tip, holding my cock with her right hand she looked at me and winked licking a drop of my cum from her lower lip before taking the tip of my cock in her mouth again and sucking on it like a popsicle twice as I closed my eyes. After she was done, she got up and hugged me tight while planting a kiss on my lip and then just rested on me. Me – “What? Why did you do this?” Her – Quiet Me – “Noopur! you wanted a baby from me, so you wanted me to come in your pussy, not your mouth!”. Her – “Sorry Aarav, I changed my mind, I could not do it. I could not let Madhur care for your baby and keep you away from it.” After that day, she took tuhe next flight out and did not answer my calls. I would be waiting for feedbacks on the sex story at aaravdixit1980@gmail.com. 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Gotta love sex .Makes me smile .Makes me shine. </div> <div class="container_right_text_link"> <a href="http://bursaspornews.com/user/5">See Profile</a> </div> </div> </div> <!-- container_right_image_container --> <div class="container_right_image_container"> <div class="container_right_image"> <a href="http://bursaspornews.com/user/46"><img src="https://juicysexstories.com/upload/profile_pic/small/straight-juicy-sex-stories-profile-119.jpg" alt="straight, juicy sex stories profile 119"></a> </div> <div class="container_right_text"> <div class="container_right_text_title"> <a style="text-decoration:none" href="http://bursaspornews.com/user/46"> SmileyGirl</a> </div> <div class="container_right_text_content"> Why do I smile? Lots of sex that's why. If you get a lot of the good stuff you can't help but smile… </div> <div class="container_right_text_link"> <a href="http://bursaspornews.com/user/46">See Profile</a> </div> </div> </div> <!-- container_right_image_container --> <div class="container_right_image_container"> <div class="container_right_image"> <a href="http://bursaspornews.com/user/152"><img src="https://juicysexstories.com/upload/profile_pic/small/juicyprofile2.jpg" alt="juicyprofile2"></a> </div> <div class="container_right_text"> <div class="container_right_text_title"> <a style="text-decoration:none" href="http://bursaspornews.com/user/152"> PiecesofJade</a> </div> <div class="container_right_text_content"> Published erotica author under the name of Jade Melisande; kink, sex &amp; relationship blogger at KinkandPoly.com;… </div> <div class="container_right_text_link"> <a href="http://bursaspornews.com/user/152">See Profile</a> </div> </div> </div> <!-- container_right_image_container --> <div class="container_right_image_container"> <div class="container_right_image"> <a href="http://bursaspornews.com/user/47"><img src="https://juicysexstories.com/upload/profile_pic/small/lesbian-juicy-sex-stories-profile-6.jpg" alt="lesbian, juicy sex stories profile 6"></a> </div> <div class="container_right_text"> <div class="container_right_text_title"> <a style="text-decoration:none" href="http://bursaspornews.com/user/47"> SexyLady</a> </div> <div class="container_right_text_content"> I've always been into girls for as long as I can remember. Love writing erotic stories and would love… </div> <div class="container_right_text_link"> <a href="http://bursaspornews.com/user/47">See Profile</a> </div> </div> </div> <!-- container_right_image_container --> <div class="container_right_image_container"> <div class="container_right_image"> <a href="http://bursaspornews.com/user/41"><img src="https://juicysexstories.com/upload/profile_pic/small/gay-juicy-sex-stories-profile-6.jpg" alt="gay, juicy sex stories profile 6"></a> </div> <div class="container_right_text"> <div class="container_right_text_title"> <a style="text-decoration:none" href="http://bursaspornews.com/user/41"> Ted E bear</a> </div> <div class="container_right_text_content"> I believe I have reached half way through my life. made some great decisions and some dumb ones. I try… </div> <div class="container_right_text_link"> <a href="http://bursaspornews.com/user/41">See Profile</a> </div> </div> </div> <!-- container_right_image_container --> <div class="container_right_panel"> <h3>Featured Interviews </h3> <div class="panel_body"> <a href="http://bursaspornews.com/topco">Topco Sex Toys</a> <a href="http://bursaspornews.com/lelo-sex-toys">Lelo Sex Toys</a> <a href="http://bursaspornews.com/mollys-daily-kiss">Molly's Daily Kiss</a> <a href="http://bursaspornews.com/lunabelle-interview">Lunabelle</a> <a href="http://bursaspornews.com/stories/dangerous-lilly"> Dangerous Lily</a> <a href="http://bursaspornews.com/dr-charley-ferrer"> Dr. Charley Ferrer</a> </div> </div> </div> </div> <!-- container --> <!-- mobile design area --> <div class="mobile_section_footer"> <!-- including links --> <div class="juicy_secrets_container_mobile"> <a href="http://bursaspornews.com/little-secret/post-secret"> <div class="little_secret_text_middle"> My little secret </div> <div class="little_secret_text"> <img src="https://juicysexstories.com/static/images/home/my_little_secret_clear.png" alt=""><!-- <div class="little_secret_text_left"> </div> <div class="little_secret_text_right"> </div> --> </div> <div class="little_secret_text_img"> <div class="little_secret_text_a"> <div class="little_secret_text_b"> <div class="little_secret_text_b11"> Slept with </div> <div class="little_secret_text_b12"> Juicy Sex </div> </div> <div class="little_secret_text_b"> <div class="little_secret_text_b21"> I wish he would </div> <div class="little_secret_text_b22"></div> </div> <div class="little_secret_text_b"> <div class="little_secret_text_b31"> My wife's Best Friend</div> <div class="little_secret_text_b32"></div> </div> <div class="little_secret_text_b"> <div class="little_secret_text_b41"> Bang with 5</div> <div class="little_secret_text_b42"></div> </div> <div class="little_secret_text_b"> <div class="little_secret_text_b51"> Looking for </div> <div class="little_secret_text_b52"> My Sex Story </div> </div> <div class="little_secret_text_b"> <div class="little_secret_text_b61"> Spank me </div> <div class="little_secret_text_b62"></div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="juicy_secrets_link"> Juicy sex secrets </div> <div class="juicy_secrets"> <img src="https://juicysexstories.com/static/images/home/juicy_secrets_clear.png" alt=""> </div> </a> </div> <!-- juicy_secrets_container_mobile --> </div> <!-- mobile_section_footer --> <!-- mobile design area --> </div> <!-- main_container --> </div> <!-- wrapper --> <div class="footer"> <div class="footer_container"> <div class="footer_left"> <ul class="footerList"> <li> <a class="footerListTitle colorWhite" href="http://bursaspornews.com/#">Juicy Information</a> </li> <li><a class="fontSize14 fontBold colorMaroon" href="http://bursaspornews.com/stories/about-us">About Juicy</a></li> <li> <a href="http://bursaspornews.com/stories/juicy-sex-stories-terms-of-entry">Terms of Use</a> </li> 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